The Maldives, the best romantic getaway ever!

At 26 years old, one of my dreams has come true. I have been working hard for my dream career as a flight attendant in Malaysia. I could say I’ve gone nowhere for months and months since moving to Malaysia, not quite what I had in mind! So it was time to change that…


My body needed the sea. As soon as I needed to get away from the chaos in my new life, my knight, my handsome boyfriend saved me. Guess what?! I got a best gift ever from my boyfriend for our anniversary. A trip to theMaldives. Time flies. I have been with him for 2 years. I still remember every detail in the first date with him like it just happened yesterday. But 2 years came, and now I got to spend our anniversary in the place of my dreams.



Our trip was 4 days 3 nights in the island paradise of the Maldives (officially “the Republic of the Maldives”), right in the middle of Indian Ocean. As now I am based in Malaysia, we had to buy new flights that fly from Malaysia to Colombo, Sri Lanka instead of flying from Bangkok, Thailand. We chose to fly with Srilanka Air which flies from KLIA Airport not LCCT Airport. Although AirAsia has started flying that route now too.


Here’s some tips for you guys about my trip:

How to get to Kuala Lumpur KLIA Airport from the city center in Kuala Lumpur?

We took the bus from KL Sentral (only 7 minutes walking distance from my place) to KLIA, it takes about 1 hour (of course with no jams) and costs 15 MYR ($4.5). Flight time from Malaysia to Sri Lanka was about 3 hours. And then we connected to Male, Maldives which takes approximately an hour.

Where did we stay in Maldives? “Niyama Maldives” and it was the best decision. It is a gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Naturally blessed. The hotel exceeded our expectations. The staff were all super friendly and went out of their way to be helpful. It was truly amazing. If you look for once in a lifetime experience, Niyama Maldives won’t let you down I guarantee!

How to get to Niyama Maldives? OMG seaplane!!! Brilliant!!! There aren’t too many places in the world that require you to fly with a seaplane. I couldn’t believe it, I felt so alive to up there. I was amazed every single minute of the journey. It seemed like I could touch the clouds. How much did it cost us to fly with seaplane? Pffff I don’t want to think about it! Return seaplane flights for my boyfriend and I cost about 3,000 MYR ($920), it takes less than  1 hour away from the capital city “Male”. But if you want to go there by speedboat, eeeeerm 6 hours+!! I don’t think you want to waste a day so once in a lifetime why not? We flew with Trans Maldivian Airways. I loved their uniform. They were wearing shorts. It looked so comfortable not like my work uniform that is so tight!


sea plane



After an hour above the Indian Ocean, we arrived at Niyama Maldives around 5 PM. It was like a fairytale. It was incredibly beautiful and too good to be true. White fine sand and clear crystal blue sea surrounded me. My breath had been taken away. It was better than what I dreamt before. We also got a warm welcome from the general manager and his staff , they were all waiting for us when we landed and we got taken on a tour around island. After that the staff drove us to our water villa bungalow. As soon as I stepped my foot into the room, all I could say was “this is what I could die for”. I have no words for perfection! The water is so clear, the beach is white and pure, the bungalow over the indian ocean with the private pool was so romantic. Not only was the room was so amazing but also with the stunning blue sea in front of me, it seemed to make the time stop. I was the luckiest girl alive! After chilling in the room for about an hour. It was time for a special BBQ dinner on the white sand beach. I felt like I needed to dress up for this beautiful place. BBQ time I loved seafood there. It was so fresh and tasty. I had a big smile on my face all night. It was so romantic. Having a candle-lit dinner under the moonlight and even more so being on the beach  – it truly was one of my dream paradises with my man. Next up, drinking champagne in the world’s first underwater club “Subsix”. Glass walls separating me from the sea.  What a night.





On 23rd November 2013 .. It’s already been 2 years that I am with this amazing bf. I could tell him that I love him millions of times a day but that would kill him with no doubt 😛 Anyways our second day started with watching the scenic sunrise before having breakfast on the beach at Epicure restaurant in Niyama. The choice of eating options is amazing. I ate a lot and completely forgot I gotta wear bikini after. That was disaster! Hope I didn’t look like a whale :P. After breakfast I chilled on the balcony in our water villa while my man was in the spa getting a massage. How hiso he is now  (hiso means high society in Thai slang)!! After an hour my man was back to our villa.. you know what being close to the one I love made Maldives much much more beautiful :D. Today was our day to adopt some coral with the resident marine biologist .. we named our coral  “JJ” which stands for Johnny & Jaa.. I have no clue what made my bf think about it but for me its suuuuupeeeer sweet. After our coral adoption we laid back and chilled for a few hours. It was time for a huge dinner at the only African restaurant in the Maldives, “Tribal” on the beach. Again the food was amazing. We made it back to the room, and as we got a big bathtub in our villa, so taking a bath with candles lit up around was needed. The music was on. Come on I know you love it too! It was one of amazing nights I will always remember.



coral maldives


Day 3 we walked around the whole island then went for swim.. I smiled from ear to ear.. super crystal blue sea with white fine sand.. this must be heaven on earth. The plan we had was to watch sunset from the Edge (their exclusive restaurant and lounge overwater which only way you can access by boat). Unfortunately, it rained heavily. So we waited at the Edge until the rain stopped to go back and have dinner at Epicure. But nothing could make my day bad with my man. My day was still bright :)




Finally, our last day on Maldives came. It was time to say goodbye to our Maldives. I wanted it to never end. Everything there was beyond amazing. It seemed like a dream.. the sweetest dream ever. We flew back by sea plane to Male (on the main island) before heading to KL. Luckily, we got enough time to walk around Male before flying back to KL,Malaysia. It was also awesome to see the local Male lifestyle.

I want to say thank you so much to my boyfriend for making this amazing trip happen. Thank you for taking me to one of my dream places. I know it was a big effort from him. I love this man so much.




For you guys, if you are in love  I meant really really in love, Maldives is the place that you should take your loved one!


 “One day,someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else”


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  1. weeraya says:

    i really like your life.
    You are my inspiration.

  2. vish says:

    Hi ja , I’m so happy to see this website about your life..Thanks for liking my country maldives 😀