Similan Islands; the bluest sea I have ever seen!

 The Similan Islands have been one of my dream places in Thailand that I felt compelled to visit before starting my new life in Malaysia. If you guys are wondering why I left my beautiful country, there will be an explanation soon 😉 For now let’s focus on crystal-clear, turquoise-blue water beaches at the Similan Islands.


Where are the Similan Islands? The national park of the Similan Islands is in southern Thailand near Khao Lak, not far from Phuket. It is considered a little Eden on earth in Thailand. I believe that some of my pictures could explain it clearer :)


How do you get to the Similan Islands? I flew from Bangkok to Phuket. Normally, my choice was to take a bus to places (to save money) but I was running out of time in Thailand. Every minute meant a lot to me. While I was in Phuket, I stayed in one of the best hotels in the world called “Sri Panwa” for a couple of days. As soon as I stepped in the pool villa, all I could say was “OMG!” It was definitely a place I could stay and chill all day, all night (I will share more details with you guys soon).


Similan Islands

living in the fairy tale at Sri Panwa


Anyways I took a day trip from Phuket to the Similan Islands (including snorkeling) through a Phuket travel company, which cost me about 2,200 baht ($74). They picked me up at the hotel witha  mini bus around 6.30 AM. Traveling to Tap Lamu Pier took about an hour where the tour company provided some snacks, tea and coffee before heading to the breath-taking Similan Islands by speedboat.

How long did the boat journey from Tap Lamu Pier to Similan Islands? The journey took about 2 hours.

(NOTE: going there on weekdays will give you more space to enjoy snorkeling. Additionally, The national park of the Similan Islands is closed to all tourists’ activities between May 1 and October 31 for the natural rehabilitation of the area.)

The first stop for snorkeling was “Island no.9 or Ba Ngu Isalnd”. Tourists are not permitted to get visit this beach. If you break the rules – the national park of Similan Islands’s officers will take you to Island no.4 “Koh Meang” and you need to pay 2,000 Baht ($67) as a penalty (and this is enforced!). Do you want to ruin your amazing trip with your curiosity? I don’t think so.


After that we headed to Island no.8 to hike to the Sailing Rock view point and relax on a pure white sandy beach with the bluest sea imaginable in front of us. My breathe was taken away even if I covered with sweat after hiking. I admitted that I was starting to get moody but as soon as I saw the view of Similan Island. It was absolutely amazing. I completely forgot how tired I was. Don’t believe until you see it with your eyes!

Similan Islands

Sailing Rock View point at Island no.8

Similan Islands

Similan Islands

snorkeling in the bluest sea I have ever seen


Anyways next stop was Island no.4 “Koh Meang” . By now, it was lunch time. Thai food was ready to fulfill our empty stomach. We had about 2 hours on the island to swim in transparent blue sea and get tanned on white fine sand ;).

Our last stop for snorkeling in tje crystal blue sea was Island no.7 “Koh Payu”. There is some amazing coral and the amount of marine life here is spectacular. Then we headed back to Tap Lamu Pier. On the way back to Tap Lamu Peir, luckily I saw wild dolphins and flying fish, they were jumping to say goodbye to me. What could I ask for more? Finally, one of my dream places came true. I had a brilliant day. Seriously, Similan Islands were beyond what I could dream for.


Similan Islands

“Give your dreams the wings to fly. You have everything you need if you just believe”


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