Let’s go for a walk around Khao San Road

Are you bored of going to movies after work or having dinner in a restaurant so you can meet up your friends? Let me share an idea you about where to chill in Bangkok with friends (and you possibly have a date there too!) 😉

khao Sarn Road


“Khao San Road” Yes your eyes haven’t had any problems. How could it be possible to make a good time without alcohol there? Did I tell you yet that I am not a party girl? Shall we leave the past behind and let’s start a new beginning together.

I’m sure that sometimes we all just want to have a light meal. And this crazy road offers you that. Just grab Pad-Thai, a kebab or some BBQ (only $2 or $3) to fill up yourself then keep walking, do some shopping. KSR is great if you are looking for handmade stuff or used books for cheap. There are tons of choices that could give you a headache. Trust me.


Khao Sarn Road


How could you have a perfect date there? Ssssh I will let you know my little secret if you promise that you will be quiet. After filling yourself up with foods along this road why don’t you go for a walk?


Kao Sarn Road

Kao Sarn Road

From December 3 to 9 Sanam Luang and surrounding areas, The Bureau of the Royal Household and the Government are joining hands in organizing a light, sound and multimedia presentation on a large stage at Sanam Luang, with more than 150 performers. This performance is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. each night during the seven days to celebrate His Majesty the King’s birthday (Thailand’s father day). If you join the celebrations on 5th De. there’ll be parades, fireworks and a music festival. Not only will these beautiful performances make your time stand still but also along these areas there’ll be amazing decorations, with beautiful lights along the streets. After pleasing yourself with all these shows, if you still got a lot of energy to make through the night then I would recommend you to get some drinks at restaurants by Chaopharaya River. I have my favorite restaurant where amazes me every time I go. You want to know? Maybe I let you know next time 😛

Anyway in case you miss these breath-taking performances at Sanum Luang, don’t turn away. It isn’t the end of the world. The lights are set up in the whole month of December. I believe that you’ll still have a good time there. Enjoy the night mwah x

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2 Responses to "Let’s go for a walk around Khao San Road"

  1. Elwood says:

    Are girls that work the bar honest women? It’s right that some want to climb out of poverty and make a better life. However, for everyone that wants this, you’re gonna find 10 that will still scam guliable farangs. Yes, the truth hurts sometimes, but it’ll set you free and save you a few quid too.Thanks.

    • Ja says:

      Elwood – I have no idea what relevance your comment has to my lifestyle blog. And to be frank, you’re narrowminded attitude reflects badly on yourself, not on Thailand or Thai people. Please stick with the other overweight balding sexpats that march up and down Walking Street Pattaya or Soi Cowboy, I’m sorry you had to come to a country that’s econmically less developed than your own to find anyone who would at least pretend to be interested in you. Ja x