Amphawa Floating Market, Day Trip from Bangkok; A relaxing escape

Amphawa Floating Market is a chic floating market in Samut Songkram, Thailand jus outside Bangkok. It’s a place that must be magic, making me keep me going back again and again!

If you are looking for a a day trip from Bangkok to treat you and your partner during the weekend, coming here will be the perfect solution. The market is the earliest of the floating evening markets, starting to get going in the late afternoon (3PM) until the evening (9pm) but only on Friday – Sunday. You can either take a day trip from Bangkok or you can choose to stay over both are good decisions I am sure.


amphawa floating market

Amphawa Floating Market


How to get there? The cheapest option is to take a mini-van from Victory Monument, Bangkok (You can take the BTS Skytrain to Victory Monument Station and head to the van parking before 7-eleven). From here it only took me 1.5 hours and cost 80 baht ($3) to get to Amphawa Floating Market. Definitely not a luxurious ride but reasonable for the price.


Where to stay? Staying by the river will not disappoint you! The riverside here is becoming a popular place among Thais from Bangkok so the hotels and homestays usually are sold out on weekends. I recommend that if you guys are interested in staying over instead of visiting as a day trip from Bangkok, you should book at least a week in advance. I have stayed at a homestay by the river, which has a lovely balcony to lie down. At night candles were lit up with some acoustic music playing. It was too romantic to resist!


amphawa floating market

a homestay with a lovely balcony <3


Things to see and do in Amphawa?

King Rama II Memorial Park is a large and very pretty park that runs down to the river. The park is walking distance from Amphawa Floating Market and was built under the project to honor our old KING RAMA II. Touring on a bike inside the botanical gardens for nice photo shots with several of beautiful flowers and Thai style buildings was a relaxing moment. Open daily 9AM – 5PM. Well worth the small entrance fee (20 baht or $1).




A Cruise Along the Mae Klong River – spending just 80 baht (3$) each on a boat to see scenic views of Mae Klong riverside for day tour was worth it. Along the banks of the Mae Klong, there are temples and ancient style Thai houses which are rare nowadays.


Mae Klong River

Mae Klong River


Mangrove Planting – an eco-tourism  activity at Tambon Klongklon at the Mae Klong river for those who wish to participate in mangrove restoration. Don’t wait any longer to gain this cool experience  where you can surround yourself with birds, monkeys, and fishermen doing their work closely.


Mangrove planting

Mangrove planting


Eating, like with most Thai places, is a major activity on the floating market! The Amphawa Canal is occupied by vendors preparing food in boats. Fresh seafood BBQ is a must eat here (expect to pay around 100 baht/$3 for each meal). If you are not a big fan of seafood and don’t want to spend like crazy, there are good varieties of food for you costing about 20 baht (less than $1). How cheap! With a casual atmosphere and music along the lines of the river community while you  are enjoying delicious food from the longboats will make you fall in love with Amphawa.


amphawa floating market

having an ice-cream in Amphawa


Watching fireflies after having a rest, doing a Fireflies Tour on a dark night while you are on a boat along the river is one of highlight activities you shouldn’t miss! During the rainy season, May – October is the perfect time to see the light of fireflies, which fly around Lamphu trees on the river. Where can you find the boat? At the Amphawa Floating Market, various accommodation or homestays in Amphawa provide this service, which should cost about 60 baht ($2) per person. The boat leaves every 30 minutes from 6.30PM – 9PM. If you want to have some romantic moment, you can also rent a boat costs about 600 baht ($20).


fireflies in amphawa


I had such a peaceful weekend! Hope this idea is helpful for you guys who are keen on a different treat. Anyway please feel free to share any cool places with me to visit during the weekend. Can’t wait to hear from you. Mwah x

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”


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    Hi, with the recent protest at victory monument, is it safe to take the minibus from there to amphawa?