About Me

Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by my site. My name is Ja, and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand – the Land of Smiles. I like to think about my self as a normal girl in an abnormal world although in all honest, it’s probably more the other way around!


Anyways, Be Me Be Delicious (BMBD) is my way of expressing myself, it’s my platform to chat about love, life, travel and beauty. It’s my medium to share my frustrations and celebrate my successes as well as pass on a few tips along the way.



Be Me, Be Delicious



I love to take care of myself, whether it’s in the gym or in the cosmetics department, either way I can’t get enough. I’m always learning new techniques and I’m open to new ideas in this area. I hope you let me share with you some tidbits I’ve managed to pick up during my time on this wonderful planet.



Am I slave to fashion? I like to pretend not, but I certainly have a weakness for it. If my weekends in Bangkok are spent dragging my boyfriend around the malls, then it could well be spent ogling some great fashion blogs. I can’t enough and although my wardrobe might not appreciate it, I always think there’s room for another pair of shoes, and certainly space for a few more bags!





If there’s one regret people have in life, it’s that they haven’t traveled enough. I completely agree! Travel was going to be a big part of my life, and in the last couple of years I’ve manage to explore so much of my own beautiful country, Thailand as well as jaunting around Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Maldives. And there’s so much more to come….


Come on, I’m Thai! Food plays a huge part in our lives, I eat it, cook it, dream about it! Thai food is the best on the planet, so I hope you don’t mind if I constantly write about the amazing dishes I’ve picked up for less than $2!


All this excitement and I stil hold down a full-time job (I know, crazy!). You’ll get an insight into Bangkok life as a twenty-something, it’s an insane, wonderful place to live – the sort of place everyone should live once.


I think that’s most of me covered. I’m not perfect, far from it. I’m as confused as the next girl but I hold my head up high, walk tall and embrace whatever comes my way. I hope you can join in for the ride. Mwah xx (>.<)

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