10 minutes shower for beautiful skin

Gals, do you always say no to shower in cold water like me? Let’s say hot water is the best answer for us then. Just be sure you are a little bit careful. The temperature should be set at 38-40 degrees Celsius and please try not be in the shower longer than 10-15 minutes, hot water can make our skin dry. I would like to share some tricks to keep skin beautiful with 10 minutes shower..So don’t waste our time. Let’s do it :)

keep calm and take a bath

3 steps for beautiful skin


1) Swapping your skin

A small dry towel is needed in our first step. Holding both sides of towel and rub it all over your skin about 20 times per area to clean off some dead skin and dust which you have faced all day. Please do it gently, if you expect to keep your skin young as long as possible.

pink towel

2)  Scrubbing in the shower

“Scrub” yes I know we all have it at home. No? You are telling me that you don’t buy this stuff? Ok let me show you. First of all, let’s go to the kitchen. then look around and yes the scrub is there. Where? Next to the pepper bottle. That salt bottle yes we are taking it to the bathroom now. What’s next? Wash your body with shower gel to clean all dirty off then use the scrub (salt) with baby oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil apply while your skin is still wet. Scrub all over your skin softly and leave it for a few minutes. Normally I cover myself with yogurt after scrubbing to keep my skin soft. There is no fee if you like my idea 😉

thai beauty tips

3) Massage your skin

While we are taking a shower, gently massage your skin with shower gel to relax and stimulate our blood flow. Turn the shower up harder and circle over your chest and go down to your arms and legs which helps you gain a healthier skin and more radiant.  After showering, apply moisturizer to keep skin fresh and soft.


I hope my tricks could help you guys to shower faster and still have enough time to take care of yourself. If you guys have any ideas to share, please feel free to let me know. I would appreciate it so much. Can’t wait to hear from you guys MWAH X


take a bath


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